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Since the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine I have visited the country twice. I captured both visits in these vlogs. My visits have made a deep personal impact and it has become a key part of my current solo show. Not just because I want to share my experience but also to remind people of the reality of what is happening.


There was some coverage of my first visit to the Ukraine on Ukrainian television. Where they discuss the question wetter joking about the war is appropriate. During my second visit I was accompanied by my friend and fellow comedian Victor Pãtrãşcan. Together we were guests on the PeaceTalk Podkast. Both clips below.

Fedor the Road Comedian Vlog

Whenever I have the time while on the road I make vlogs about my road comedy life. I try to show the country I visit, what it is like to do comedy there and if I can find the funny in the local experience.

There are some exciting road adventures coming up so hit that subscribe button on YouTube if you don’t want to miss it!

Monkey Sandwich Podcasts

The Monkey Sandwich Podcast is a podcast I used to host together with Liam Moclair (UK). Every episode we have a spectacularly funny guest tell us their most outrageous story that get hilariously dissected. Currently we are on an indefinite break because Liam became a father and is short on time.

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